50k hands on 5/T+ reached – obv brag post

It’s really hard to find time to play poker during exam period, let alone blog, so once again, sorry for the delay. Also we didn’t play any new matches with jb, and don’t wanna reveal too much too soon, so that’s that.

However, I just realized I’ve played more than 50k hands on 5/T+. Continue reading


Hand analysis – I put you on quads – Part 2

Ok, so my last post about calling with the second nuts created some debate among the readers, so I think I should write a second part – analysing the required probability of our opponent being an overplayer. I wanted to do that on the end of the first part, but it seemed such an obvious call, I let the idea go. It seems it was a mistake on my part. Continue reading

Playing a reg HU

After two serious columns, I want to make a post that is rather enjoyable, less serious.

Yesterday two interesting things happened to me in LHE (and of course the coaching with CeeGee was awesome too, but more on that later): I played 8/16 for the first time, well, 20 hands at least, so I’m running now at an awesome 39BB/100. The second thing: I sat on a reg HU. Continue reading