About me

Hey there,
My name is madorjan, I’m a Hungarian poker player, university student, geek, and so on. The main purpose of this blog will be just to write updates about my life, interesting ideas, poker related articles, strategical concepts, also it may serve as a reference to my work.

IRL background

Meh, who needs IRL, right? Anyway… I’m 22, studying informational technology at the Hungarian Eötvös Lóránd University. I’ve always been the geeky, math nerdy kid, the kind of introverted, antisocial person that makes a great poker player in general, so I think I was destined to use my abilities in this way or another. In my free time I usually do other nerdy stuff like coding or watching TV series. Also I like to spend as much time as I can with my extraordinary girlfriend. I know, pics or it didn’t happen… I hope there will be pics soon.

Poker background

I got to know poker back in late 2009, I started off by shortstacking, then moved onto SnGs, but by February 2010 I ended up at the LHE tables, where I spent most of my last 3 years. I started palying at $0.02/$0.04 from $14 with the thoughts that if I don’t succeed I’ll quit gambling for good. In 5 months I got up to $0.25/$.05, and soon I was crushing the $1/$2 SH and HU games. Nowadays I play anywhere from $2/$4 to $5/$10, but I’ll move up to $8/$16 and $10/$20 soon. In February 2011 I started working for PokerStrategy.com as Hungarian Educational Community Manager. 6 months later I quit, and came home, and turned pro, while also continued freelancing for PS as a LHE coach/video producer/hand judge and translator. In late 2012 I quit the freelancer job, and now I maximally focus on crushing the 10game tables, and all the ‘other’, non-mainstream games.

Contact info

You contact me via e-mail (madorjan at gmail), or via Skype (guess what… madorjan).


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