50k hands on 5/T+ reached – obv brag post

It’s really hard to find time to play poker during exam period, let alone blog, so once again, sorry for the delay. Also we didn’t play any new matches with jb, and don’t wanna reveal too much too soon, so that’s that.

However, I just realized I’ve played more than 50k hands on 5/T+. Now that’s honestly a bit shameful given I play on those stakes for about 6 months now, but for months I played it mixed with lower stakes, grinding bonuses and playing other games, and just since December I switched to 5/T+ LHE only (given FTP opened up the 8/16 tables). I really cannot complain, well, on the contrary, I think I have quite a big hotrun, countered by the fact that I run bad on 8/16 so far. Still, I managed to pull off 1.6BB/100 total. In HUHU I played 16k hands with 2.6BB/100, SH is 34k hands with 1.9BB/100 (FML, if I could achieve half of that in the long run I’ll be a happy camper). And yeah, I officially suck at FR in the remaining 2.7k hands. Nitfest LDO.

By stakes it’s a bit more sad, on 8/16 I run -3.8BB/100 total, 6/12 is 1.11 and 5/T is 1.84 BB/100, so running good at lower stakes as usual. But it doesn’t matter, cause I’m about to take some shots at 10/20 soon, which will shift the rungood to 8/16.:) So I really can’t complain in terms of results, however I can complain in every other department. I don’t think I play my A-game as often as I should, and I have to study more in the upcoming months so I could keep up with my pace.

The other big realisation of this year is that I probably should give up my hopes on coaching LHE publicly on any training sites. For some pretty weird reason, no site is looking for any LHE content at all, they settle with what they got. No one is interested about the quality of the material that’s been put out there, not the users, and definitely not the coordinators. It’s a pretty controversial stuff, cause on one hand I love that the old-school guys put out fairly bad (sometimes borderline ridiculous) content, therefore making the games not so hard to beat, but on the other hand I always loved making vids and coaching, and will have a little hole in my heart if I can’t do that, but well, at least my games will be great.:) (I have to give a big shout out for Boomer at this point, literally the only LHE coach, whose material was and is up to standards in the last months.) So for a while I’m gonna give up looking for a place for my content, and either do an e-book/video thingy, or just settle with private students as I did thus far. Time will tell.

Okay, that’s enough for today, I hope y’all have a great time and good luck at the tables.

1 thought on “50k hands on 5/T+ reached – obv brag post

  1. Good luck at the tables. Would have been fun to see eg a HU LHE video from you. Hope the opportunity comes up for you at Pokerstrategy

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