19-game HU Challenge – Part 1: NL5CD

I got challenged by jbpatzer in his infamous 19-game HU challenge. If you don’t know jb, you’re missing out on a lot, I’d really suggest you reading his blog at PokerStrategy. He’s basically a NL-player, but interested in any form of poker, so it is going to be a really challenge for me.

So the challenge is going down at the HUSnG tables at Stars, we pick games in turns, I let him pick the first one, cause my mum taught me to respect the elderly. I decided to record every match with commentary for fun purposes, and also I’m curious what he and you think about my game, and maybe I can plant some seeds in some heads.

The first match was NL5CD, which he definitely has an edge in, cause I officially suck in bigbet games, but I think I put up quite a fight, although I made some pretty horrendous mistakes in retrospect. If you have any comments or questions, let me know. So here you go, enjoy.

1 thought on “19-game HU Challenge – Part 1: NL5CD

  1. [13:11:57] jbpatzer: First pat hand is always a snow ^^ (sun)
    [13:12:10] madorjan: yeah, I hate that fold in retrospect
    [13:12:16] jbpatzer: u have to call there

    [13:29:08] jbpatzer: I was actually raising KQxxx + from SB, but when you said I was folding too much I ran super cold. :)
    [13:31:49] jbpatzer: and I 3bet AKxxx
    [13:29:52] madorjan: KQ+ you mean KQ, AK, AQ, or every Ax?
    [13:30:51] jbpatzer: the former
    [13:31:31] madorjan: that sounds right, I tried to do the same, although I preferred AJ over KQ

    [13:31:25] jbpatzer: stand pat, then tank and small bet did the trick :)

    [13:36:07] jbpatzer: u r prob right about c/c QQ22x. Just wanted to mix it up a bit. Strangely, I had a sense that you would bluff. Not sure if that’s a subconcious read on the gameflow or just astrology.
    [13:36:30] madorjan: “mix it up a bit” – my favorite NL-player words that have absolutely 0 meaning at all:D
    [13:36:40] madorjan: astrology IMO:D

    [13:41:25] jbpatzer: lol @ ‘levelling spot’ pwned (facepalm)

    For the record.

    I certainly ran pretty hot, but I was happy not to have done anything too retarded, apart from c/c QQ22x. I probably was shoving a bit too shallow as well.

    Seeing how a good player thinks about constructing a balanced strategy for a game that he’s not played before was very informative. Looking forward to more videos, even the FLHE video. I have no idea how to play HU FLHE. :^{

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