Live 8game MTT

It has come to this. I played live. I mean it never was my goal or dream or anything, to be honest, I kind of didn’t (and can honestly say don’t) like the live aspects of the game. The tells and slow hands and boring waiting time and stuff – that’s just not for me. However this was the first ever Hungarian 8game open, and given that mixed games are not ever played live here, I decided to give it a go.

Despite my presumptions, I really enjoyed myself, it was a pretty new experience in poker, and I’ll definitely go again – if there will be more. The dealers were as good as one can be dealing stud games and triple draw for the first time – sometimes there were small mistakes, but only(?) 2 really big fuckups. Thinking about it, in ~100 hands it’s not that few, but whatever. (Once there was a 5-10 minute ‘break’ because the 7th card in stud was dealt face up mistakenly, and not even the floor could tell what is the appropriate decision here, and once in the bigbet games we played in the limit blind structure for a few hands.)

The tables were ultra-soft, I’ve only seen 3-4 players who seemed competent (or at least tight and not that passive) in most games, however I felt they were a bit too passive and nitty sometimes. I came ~14th from 24, however given that I had at least 4 pretty huge coolers, 1 pretty huge mixed MTT-cooler, and also was card-dead in my favourite games, it’s a pretty good result IMO. I could have played better, but I feel I still played my A game (but not A++ as I should’ve) mostly, despite getting tired at the end.

From here on I’ll tell some interesting hands, and some other interesting stuff. So if you don’t care about poker/mixed games, that’s it, don’t read on.

I can’t really remember any interesting hands in the first few orbits, I once coolered a guy in O8 with nut hi (no low) in a ~12BB pot, and coolered the same guy in 2 hands after that. There was a hand in stud where the highest card out there was 5 (I think the board read 333455).

1st hand: Stud hi, I can’t remember the board, but for some reason I completed 55s3s in MP or something, and I didn’t doubt my play there, so the board was probably really raggy (I think I had a 2, 6 and the bring in 2 behind me). The very loose-passive guy calls with the 6 door, everyone else folds.

He gets a Q, I get the 6s. X-B-C. I get the Ts, guy gets a J (his board is pretty much rainbow. He checks, I bet, he tanks a bit, and calls. 6th is irrelevant on both boards, he checks, I bet, he calls (at this point there may be a reason to just check back, but given his tanking on the 5th led me to believe that I can make him fold a better pair by the river if I bet constantly). River is a 6 giving me two pairs, he checks I check back hoping to be good against one pair, he tables Broadway… nice hand sir.

2nd hand, NL: I pick up TT in MP, raise it up to 3x I think, BB calls, who seems to be a NL  player (also pretty angry at me, since I overnutted him in 2 hands in O8). Flop is A97r, I cbet half pot, he calls, turn is a blank, check-check, river is a 6 of purple horseshoes, he bets out ~3/5 pot. I folded, but I wasn’t really sure about it. It was probably easier than I thought at the time, but still.

3rd hand: PLO, I pick up AA73 single suited in the CO, pot it up (still 50-60bb effective), the same very loose player coldcalls from the small blind. Flop is Q96dd, I have a BDFD, I cbet around 3/5 pot, he calls. Turn is the Kd, he checks, I check. (I know it’s the best barrel card, not against him, not in a million years.) So turn goes x-x. River is the Ad. He checks. At this point I think I have the best hand a lot, but can’t see anything to get value from – not even from this guy, but I considered betting still. I think my check was fine here, but a little reassuring would feel good.

Next hand: PLO, I pick up AK32ds in MP, raise it up, CO 3bets (he was a bit passive so far, but I know he’s not awful), folded back to me, and I’m pretty sure this call sucks, but given that we would have an SPR of about 3 after the call, and I believed he’s competent enough to 3bet a lot more than AAxx I decided to call – in retrospect I hate it a bit esp. OOP. Board is QT9 rainbow, I have a backdoor. I checks, he disgustedly checks. Turn is a low blank giving the flushdraw. I bet 2/3 pot and take it down. Sorry guys that I lied I had two pair, I just wanted to abuse your nittiness.:)

Next orbit I had 2 interesting LHE hands that are not yet to reveal, I may use them as video footage.

Next hand in O8: I get dealt 8653ds in the BB,  there are 2 or 3 limps, SB raises. I shrug and call. Everybody calls around. Flop is some 55Tss, don’t have a flushdraw, but have a pretty strong hand. SB bets out, I raise, loose-passive bro coldcalls two, folds to SB, who makes it 3bets. Ok then, I’m probably beat or in pretty bad shape, I call. Turn is an 8 giving me the effective nuts, I mean A2TT and A3TT, A2T5, A3T5 beats me, but that’s all, SB bets I raise, bro folds, SB 3bets, I cap. River is an A… Fucking hell… worst card in the deck, he bets, I call, tables TT with something. Mike L would’ve folded, and I wouldn’t blame him for it.

Honestly, I can’t remember any more interesting hands till I’ve been moved to my next table. We were just finishing up the PLO round at my table, when I had to move – to a table where the end of stud8 was played. Well, fuck, NL and PLO again, how I love that.

First hand at the table, I get dealt rolled-up 8s, with 3 low cards and an A behind. Everybody folds. Second hand, I get dealt A4A, take it down on 5th with 2pair+3low.

2 hands later I pick up AQo in MP, I raise it up, chatty, but not that awful (probably live) player coldcalls, BU, who is an older guy minsqueezes with ~12k left (bb is .8k at this point). I smell nuts, but still 4bet so that I could fold to the shove of the CO and call the BU. CO folds that he admits is a worse A, and BU puts it in with 65s. Flop is QQx, guy walks out.

Next hand: PLO – I pot the BU with AQTTds, SB (chatty meh-player) coldcalls, BB folds. Flop is KQ3r, he hesitates, plays with his chips, but checks, I check back. Turn is the 2 of the 4th suit, he checks, I check back. River is the A, he bets pot. I had no fucking clue what he had, JTxx must bet the turn there to rep, maybe KJTx? Maybe AKxx? (I’m not sure he wouldn’t bet that on the turn.) Anyway, given his flop tanking and river pot I should’ve folded, but fishy me calls, SB slowrolls me with JT9x… Well, damn you, sir.

New guys come to the table, the first of the four tables broke. There is a really cool older guy sitting next to me, I double him up in TD with a 6 draw, vs his flop pat, folding the river getting ~30:1 with a pair of sixes. Doubled him up again in LHE raising KTs from the CO, he 3bets SB, Txxx getting it in vs JJ. Nice hand.

We got to the first hand of O8, when I was asked to move back to my original table, where, surprise surprise, we play fucking stud8. I mean we played my 2 favourite games, okay, but playing NL and PLO (my 2 worst games) 3x in 2 rotation is just straight-up annoying.

So stud8, where I made a really debatable play, complete third with KTK, A behind me 2bets, LP bro calls, I call. Guy gets perfect 4, I get brick, bro gets a brick. A4 bets out, bro folds, I call. 5th gives him a 6, and pairs my T up. At this point, honestly, I feel I would fold HU probably, but given the dead money in the pot (and also the ante structure was awfully high, 500 at 3.6k bigbet), I decided to herocall him down. 6th is brick brick, bet-call. 7th is brick for me, he bets, I throw up and call. He tables aces up no low, having 3 pairs with A64 in the whole.

I’m left with 19bb to the first hand of NLHE, where I pick up TT in the SB, BU (competent, nitty maybe?) asks me how much I have, and minraises the BU. I 3bet – and I leveled myself into not shoving here, because after his question I could resteal pretty wide (at least that’s what I thought), so I 3bet to around 8bb. I mean if he knows I’m competent, it doesn’t really matter, but I’m not sure he knew. BB cold4bets, I have to call, KK > TT. Bye-bye.

So basically this is the short summary of the 5 hours I played, it was pretty good experience, and even though after writing this review I feel I played quite bad, I still am sure I had a huge edge on the field.

And for Hungarian LHE players, be on the lookout for a short vid on 3 interesting LHE hands that happened and haven’t been discussed here (and all 3 I messed up pretty well).

If you got this far, you’re awesome.:)

3 thoughts on “Live 8game MTT

  1. I wondered where I was getting all of the Hungarian hits! I thought it was from Gene Simmons or something, lol. I will tackle this post, since mixed games are pretty much my specialty (well, really Stud games, but since those are the majority of most mixed games, there ya go).

    I’m assuming your “favorite games” include LHE? What else? I tend to do the worst in my “A” games in MTTs and best in my least favorite games. Since others report the same, I assume that is pretty standard.

    Sometimes in a tourney, if we are running bad we need to make our own luck. I’m sure you’ve done this numerous times, even if you aren’t aware of it 100%. For instance, if we are playing NLHE, just as an easy example, and a very tight/cautious player raises us the “standard” 3.5bb, we smooth call with anything. The flop comes down Axx, we absolutely know he hasn’t got an ace, we can take that pot away from him, easily. He might lay down something as good as Kings, even. It happens. That way we can ride out the variance monster in a tournament. That way when our aces get outdrawn we are still ahead of the average chip count. Making our own luck is something that the top tier pros do in every MTT.
    In your first Stud hand, you have to give someone credit for having royals under. If the very highest door card on the table is a five, statistically you HAVE to know there must be some ace and royal cards underneath. Save some bets here by slowing down later in the hand. The best Stud player push early and slow down later.
    In your Stud 8 hands I can see leaks that you might be missing. Stud 8 is opposite in the way that hands play out than Stud high. Bets go in later, not earlier, for the most part. So you might want to make the most of your rolled 8’s, hoping that someone on a better low draw puts you on the same. High hands go way up in value shorthanded. Completing your KT/K is almost always correct, but sometimes the Ace really does have aces. It happens. Not as much in Stud 8 as Stud high, but c’est la vie, you are stuck with it. That is the hand I went out with versus Ted Forrest. Most of the time he wouldn’t have aces, but this time he did. And I had kings. And we both got the exact same second pair. He went on to win the event ($1500 Stud WSOP). But I probably would have played it the exact same way again, even knowing what I know now. I was very short stacked and likely wouldn’t find a better spot! I even got my second pair before he did, but he caught up and passed me up again. And all of that is fine. It helped build a friendship that is still strong after eight years.

    Shorthanded, low draws tend to go down in value in Stud 8. So do hands that want a multi-way pot, like 23/4. It’s not like you are going to lay this down in any pot, but they do tend not to play as well shorthanded. YMMV.

    Great trip report!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the comment and the advice, I’ll keep them in mind for the next one (if there will be a next one…).

      My favourite games are TD, LHE and O8, I think I’m much better in these games than in the others, although I’ve just started taking Stud hi seriously, so who knows, maybe later on O8 will be my weakest game.:) (No, it’ll always be NLHE, not even a question there.)

      About making my own luck: I agree, although the structure wasn’t really suitable for that, and also I had a pretty crazy image from the limit games, since everybody was playing like super passive nit in those games. You see, here in Hungary there is absolutely no culture of poker, just NLHE, poker = NLHE. So most of them basically are NL regulars, so I backed off a bit in that game.

      In the Stud hand you’re right, I could expect it maybe a bit more than I did. However I’d still expected him to put in some kind of aggressive action when he hit a strong hand, that’s why I was surprised.

      On the Stud8 hand: yes, I actually talked about the hand with a couple of players, and it turns out, I probably made the right choices, it’s just that these NL-oriented guys may not think in Stud terms that much (hell, some of them didn’t even know the rules), and that’s why I thought he may have more AA in his range, cause he’d just call with a 3low maybe.

      Once again, thanks for the comments, it’s really nice of you.

      • I’m sure there will be a next one. I’ll even give you odds on it ;)

        LLO8 is the game I probably make the most in. It is so simple, I always compare it to the special olympics: you can win the gold, but you are still retarded. Any time you want to compare notes or strategy on O8, feel free to chat with me or read my many dozens of old O8 posts. I was the moderator in both 2+2 Omaha forums before I got really sick. There are some good threads there, too (not MINE, lol).

        So the poker culture in Hungary is pretty much the same as in the USA? Ha, well at least pre-BF, that is. I used to whine: ALL HOLD’EM, ALL THE TIME.

        I agree you got really lucky on the Stud high hand when had broadway. As Glenn always said, just say “thank you.”

        You’re more than welcome on the comments. What else have I got to do? That is probably what I miss most about WordPress versus Live Journal or Blogger. The give and take is just not here. I rarely get any comments at all on my site, versus sometimes getting over 100 at LJ on just one post! I know some of it is my own fault.

        Always feel free to comment on my posts, too!

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