Hand analysis – a “standard” superexploitative play

Okay, I’m not gonna make promises from now on about upcoming posts, because I can’t keep them. Despite that, I hope you’ll enjoy my next piece, which takes us into the deep realms of balance and exploitation. My favourite topic for sure. Continue reading


Playing a reg HU

After two serious columns, I want to make a post that is rather enjoyable, less serious.

Yesterday two interesting things happened to me in LHE (and of course the coaching with CeeGee was awesome too, but more on that later): I played 8/16 for the first time, well, 20 hands at least, so I’m running now at an awesome 39BB/100. The second thing: I sat on a reg HU. Continue reading

Loose passive players – how to adjust

Before I continue on with my learning curve series, I’d like to share a little analysis with you. In the previous article I mentioned the flaws of thinking purely logical. Especially for players, who think they understand poker (but in reality they don’t). One of the great misconceptions spreading over these players is the correct adjustments against loose-passive players. Or haven’t you heard “never bluff the calling station”, “you should valuebet thin against loose passive players” before? So let’s get a bit deeper into it. For the purposes of this, we’re going to use a hand I played just this afternoon.

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Learning a new game – Part 1

Finally I moved all my old posts that are worthy to be here, so now I can start writing new ones.

Picking up other games as my main/second game is harder than I thought. For the last 2.5 years I’ve been so busy with LHE, without me knowing I became a specialist. Now being a specialist is really two-sided. On one hand, you understand that game by the core, know every detail, every nuance of it – or at least you think you do, but that’s certainly not that far from the truth. And in the meantime you forget… well, not forget, but automatically build general poker concepts into your game, and therefore you don’t use them in your thought processes.

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Live 8game MTT

It has come to this. I played live. I mean it never was my goal or dream or anything, to be honest, I kind of didn’t (and can honestly say don’t) like the live aspects of the game. The tells and slow hands and boring waiting time and stuff – that’s just not for me. However this was the first ever Hungarian 8game open, and given that mixed games are not ever played live here, I decided to give it a go. Continue reading

(Why) Do I 3bet A2o SB vs BU?

I’d like to address this question just a little bit. I think it’s one of the most common preflop leaks in SH LHE players from low to highstakes. At least I think now, but I haven’t done any calculations whatsoever, so maybe it’s one of my biggest leaks, we’ll see.

So do you 3bet A2o vs a regular BU opener? I sure do. I’ve heard a lot of arguments against it, and very few for it. Let’s see those arguments, so that we could tear them apart and see if they’re wrong or right. Continue reading